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The Guide to E-commerce SEO: Driving Traffic and Sales

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Getting more traffic is top of mind for any e-commerce business. But how do you attract visitors to your online store without spending big on ads and marketing? The answer: By knowing how to harness ecommerce SEO Agency. The E-commerce search engine is the practice of fine-tuning your website to meet the search engine’s best practices and updating your content to reflect what your customers are searching for.

At Awrange Digital an ecommerce SEO agency in Pune, here is the guide that covers the basics of e-commerce SEO, including how to choose an e-commerce SEO agency for your business and fulfill your aims and goals. This blog will help solve the basic questions and you can know more about how to rank up your SEO.

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What is Ecommerce SEO Agency?

E-commerce SEO Agency is the process of improving an online store’s organic rankings and visibility in search engines like Google and Bing. The common tasks that are associated with e-commerce SEO include are listed below:

  • Performing keyword research
  • Improving site structure
  • Optimizing for an on-page SEO elements
  • Creating quality content
  • Building backlinks & much more. 

How do I choose an Ecommerce SEO agency?

Here are the tips you should keep in mind when choosing the top e-commerce SEO agency in India

Ecommerce SEO Agency in Pune Awrange DIgital
Identify your Objective

– You need to understand what you need and what you want to achieve with your SEO campaigns.

Aligning SEO with Broader Marketing Strategies

– Awrange makes sure that all your efforts to improve your website SEO should contribute towards attaining a larger goal- increasing return on investment (ROI). This fosters consistency in messaging across platforms, elevating your overall online presence.

Determining your Budget

– Now that you have outlined your goals and objectives, it is time to review your budget, before making the investments, you must understand that SEO is like any other investment. It takes time and patience. In addition, there are different pricing models offered by SEO agencies:

  • Hourly (Common to freelancers and specialists)
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Project-based
  • Retainers
  • Performance-based
Evaluating the Ecommerce SEO Agency Experience

Choosing an SEO agency with experience in the related field. Also, see the type of results that they have generated for their clients and their websites.

Accessing Collaboration and Communication

– Every relationship is strengthened by good communication. The SEO agency-client relationship is no different. Before choosing an SEO agency for your company, assess their line of communication, role in communication, and the type of tools used to communicate. It is equally important to outline communication methods to ensure things go as planned. Ensure that our agency Awrange is professional during work hours but also friendly. 

Is SEO worth it for E-commerce?

SEO is important for e-commerce sites because it helps them to get more traffic and drive sales. What happens is when your online store is higher in the search results, more people will know about your product.

Here are some of the benefits listed:

  • It is a cost-effective way to reach your customers by paying for ads.
  • It builds trust and credibility for your brand as people tend to trust organic results more than paid ones.
  • It gives you competition over the other online stores that may not be optimized for SEO.

How much does Ecommerce SEO Agency Cost?

Most small to mid-size businesses spend between $750 and $5000 per month on e-commerce SEO. One-time projects typically cost between $1000 to $3000 which in Indian currency is 82920 INR to 248760 INR and hourly rates for ecommerce SEI consultants range from 4100 to $300 per hour.

What determines Ecommerce SEO pricing?

Here are the factors that determine the e-commerce SEO pricing.

Size of your Business

First note that the cost of your ecommerce SEO plan will depend upon the size of your business and the services your need. If you are a small e-commerce store, you won’t need as many services as a corporate e-commerce store.

Ecommerce SEO Agency (1)
Number of Products You Sell

If you have more products, it means you have more pages that need to be optimized. This means it will cost more to optimize your website. So you will need to see how many product pages you will need accordingly to have a better understanding of how much your e-commerce SEO plan will cost.

The Agency’s Experiences and Location

The experience level and geographical location of the SEO agency, you are choosing can significantly impact pricing. We at Awrange are an established agency with a good track record of delivering our results. Our agency is based in Pune and we have a balanced cost according to the quality of the services we provide to our users while also maintaining your goals for the SEO aims and needs.

Your Current SEO Performance

The starting of your website’s SEO performance also influences the cost of the SEO services. A website with minimal existence optimization may require more extensive initial audits. keywords ad content optimization efforts to establish a solid foundation. So we evaluate your current SEO performance allowing our SEO professional to craft the services to address your website’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

Your Budget

The most important factor is the budget which plays an important role in determining the scope and scale of your SEO initiatives. It is essential to invest enough in SEO to achieve meaningful results and overspending beyond your means can strain your financial resources unnecessarily. Establishing a realistic budget that goes with your business goals and expected ROI is the key to maximizing the value of your SEO investment.


There are many ways to get traffic from social media to paid ads and emails. However, at Awrange Digital is the best e-commerce SEO agency the search traffic is the only one that is reliable, free, self-sufficient, and relatively easy to get. If you want your site to get significant traffic and receive the visitors you are expecting, you must learn the ins and outs of e-commerce SEO strategies that will transform your business. With  Awrange, an e-commerce SEO agency in Indiaa simple SEO campaign can result in exponentially greater sales. The best part? How do you do it? The answer to this is by following the blog stated above for your reference. 

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