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In recent years, digital marketing has become a critical part of marketing strategy, giving tough competition to traditional marketing channels. Every industry has adopted digital marketing in some way or another. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, it is now even essential for businesses to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

Real estate is no exception to this innovation, and real estate digital marketing has shaken the real estate market with new ways of marketing.

What is Real Estate Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing for real estate is the process of leveraging digital channels to promote real estate businesses and properties to their target audience. Tools such as email campaigns, property listings, and SEO techniques are critical to achieving desired results and objectives.   

Awrange, a leading AI Real estate digital marketing agency in Pune, provides expert ai real estate digital marketing services to help real estate companies improve their online presence.

How to do digital marketing for real estate?

Real estate digital marketing is critical to increasing the reach and visibility of your real estate business. You can apply the below-mentioned ai real estate digital marketing strategies to grow your business, or you can work with ai real estate digital marketing agency to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

  1. Create an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website for your business
  1. Focus on creating high-quality video ads showcasing your properties
  1. Create helpful and engaging real estate content for your specific niche
  1. Leverage paid advertising tools on the Google Ads platform to reach more people through ad targeting
  1. Implement SEO real estate digital marketing best practices across digital channels 
  1. Utilize effective email marketing techniques with personalized emails and relevant content
  1. Use various marketing tools, such as SEMRush, Moz, etc., to analyze and create strategies for multiple platforms
  1. Social media marketing strategies are essential for real estate digital marketing
  1. Create virtual tours for potential clients to inspect various properties
  1. Deploying effective content marketing strategies with high-quality content on website, social media, etc.   

How can digital marketing help in selling real estate?

Real estate digital marketing is important for creating online visibility and reach for a real estate business. They are aimed at a larger audience to increase reach. As you get more people, it helps to increase brand awareness for your business. More people know about your brand, which leads to more exposure and more sales.

Given the highly competitive nature of the real estate industry, digital marketing helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. By giving your customers virtual tours, you are increasing your chances of selling your real estate property. Such strategies can help busy customers save time and look for housing options even on workdays. Working with a digital marketing agency in Pune on such strategies can fast-track your success in achieving your business goals and objectives.

How has Digital Marketing Transformed the Real Estate Market?

In recent years, the real estate market has seen a huge shift. Due to the digital era of consumerism, it has become necessary to include digital marketing in your arsenal of marketing techniques and strategies. Thanks to digital marketing, customers are no longer required to inspect the property in person; a virtual tour of the property through the Internet does the same job.

Getting in touch with property owners, brokers, and real estate agents has become easy on the Internet. Most people prefer to get this information on the net and reach out to them through mobile devices. Hence, it has become imperative for real estate businesses to improve their online presence using digital marketing strategies.

A real estate digital marketing agency can help businesses understand the landscape and create real estate digital marketing strategies for them.

How do you use AI for real estate marketing?

AI has revolutionized the digital space in recent years. It has taken over all of the digital space in some way or another, and digital marketing is no exception. AI is being used in customer experience, engagement, and data analysis to improve marketing results.

AI marketing for real estate can be used to boost customer experience and drive sales. Using AI-generated videos for increased customer engagement, AI-assisted tasks like trend spotting, analyzing consumer behaviour, and generating insights. AI tools can streamline lead generation, customer segmentation, and data analysis, optimizing the overall marketing strategy.

Zillow 3D Home, SmartDraw, and RealCrowd are some of the best AI for real estate marketing. Using AI for real estate marketing will give you a competitive edge in the market in terms of speed, quality and quantity.  

How can we help you in real estate digital marketing?

We at Awrange help our partners achieve their business goals with digital marketing. We take care of all aspects of digital marketing, from web development and social media to SEO, paid ads, etc. We will help you craft an efficient real estate digital marketing strategy that will give you maximum return on investment. We also help integrate AI for real estate marketing to boost engagement and drive leads.

We offer personalized solutions to all our partners in various industries. Our digital marketing approach includes complete transparency and honesty with all our clients, and we are committed to doing so. If you are ready to take the next step into the world of digital marketing, then book a consultation call with us.


With the demand for innovative digital marketing solutions increasing over the years to accommodate the influx of new strategies, techniques, and tools, real estate businesses must adapt to the new age of technology.

Real estate digital marketing strategies give a competitive edge to these businesses, placing them ahead of the competition so they can thrive and grow. The market still has a lot of potential to continue growing as the demand is ever-increasing.

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