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Discover top-notch website maintenance services in Pune. Our expert team ensures your website stays secure, updated, and optimized for peak performance. From regular backups to software updates, trust us to keep your online presence running smoothly. Contact us today for reliable website maintenance solutions.

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What do our Website Maintenance Services Include?

We at Awrange, provide SEO-friendly content-writing services in Pune.

Here are some of the key aspects of the services:

Regular updates

We ensure that our clients’ website’s textual and visual content is up to date reflecting the latest information and offerings. We do Regularly update the content management system. Plugins and themes and other software to the latest versions for security patches and feature enhancements.

WordPress Maintenance

We keep the WordPress core updated to ensure the latest features, security, patches, and improvements. We regularly update and look after the plugin and themes to maintain compatibility and security.

Tech Support

We provide our clients with the technical support to across and resolve any issues that may arise including broken links, error messages, and other technical glitches. Also implement a system for clients to report issues, ask their questions, and receive time assistance.

Performance Optimization

We offer our clients Monitoring and optimizing the website speed using techniques such as image compression, caching, and minification. We also Keep a close eye on website performance metrics and address any issues affecting speed and responsiveness.

Why is Website Maintenance important?

We all know the importance of having a well-structured website, but simply having the site put up and running, is not enough. You must regularly update and maintain your site to ensure that your site is running at full capacity.

Here are the reasons listed below for your references

Improving security – Security is the main reason behind website maintenance. If your organization is using the CMS or WordPress, you will want to ensure that your site is keeping up with the software patches and security updates. If you fail to do so, the hackers have the chance to steal data from your site.

Boosts site traffic – Providing the searchers with the best quality content, the search engine raises the rank for the websites that are regularly updated. A higher ranking increases your site visibility, which increases the likelihood that your content appears when your target audience searches for the relevant keywords. Updating your site with valuable information, fixing broken links, removing duplicate pages, and keeping your content updated will help drive both new and returning visitors.

Optimizes the visitor experiences – If you are regularly updating your site with sharable content such as upcoming events, images, and blogs that give your audience an idea about who are you and what you do. Engage with your audience including the actionable items such as the social media icons that provide links to your organization. A well-maintained website helps promote your brand, work, and mission. Remove out-of-date information and conduct a site audit to track issues and errors on your site. Do this regularly so that you can provide your visitors with the best possible user experience

Website Maintenance Services

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What do our Website Maintenance Services Include?

Don’t let your website become outdated! Awrange Digital’s maintenance plans ensure regular backups, software updates, & security checks. We’ll also optimize speed, fix broken links, and keep your content fresh. Focus on your business, we’ll handle the tech!

Essential Maintenance
  • Regular Backups: Creating periodic backups of your website’s files and databases ensures you can restore your site in case of technical issues or accidental data loss.
  • Security Monitoring: Regularly scanning your website for malware, security breaches, and outdated software helps maintain a safe and secure online environment.
  • Performance Optimization: Monitoring website performance and making necessary adjustments (e.g., optimizing images, caching) can improve website loading speed and user experience.
  • Broken Link Repair: Identifying and fixing broken links on your website ensures visitors can navigate your site seamlessly and prevents a negative user experience.
Content Management
  • Content Updates: Regularly updating content with fresh information, blog posts, and product descriptions keeps your website engaging and relevant to your audience.
  • Error Correction: Fixing typos, broken formatting, and outdated information ensures your website maintains a professional and trustworthy appearance.
Additional Services
  • SEO Optimization: Monitoring and improving your website’s search engine ranking through keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO adjustments.
  • Security Patch Installation: Applying security patches for your website’s software promptly to address newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Ensuring your website is online and accessible to visitors 24/7 through constant monitoring and addressing any downtime issues immediately.
  • Mobile-friendliness Maintenance: Verifying your website remains optimized for mobile devices with changing technology and user behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Maintenance  Services- Everything you need to know about keeping your website running smoothly

Website maintenance means keeping an eye on your website to make sure it's working well. It involves checking its health, updating stuff, and fixing any issues. This helps your site run smoothly, keep visitors interested, and make sure they stick around.

For simple business websites, keeping things updated and secure can cost between ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 monthly. If you run an e-commerce site, expect to pay more, around ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 monthly. This covers extra tasks like product updates and payment gateway management.

Website maintenance services are crucial for the smooth functioning of your website. They ensure everything stays updated and works properly, helping your site perform at its best. If you're in Pune, partnering with a reliable website development company can provide you with expert maintenance services to keep your website in top condition.

Website maintenance services in Pune typically range from ₹1,000 to ₹10,000 monthly, depending on the complexity of the website and required tasks

Website maintenance costs vary based on factors like complexity and services needed. For basic tasks, it can range starting from ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 monthly.

SEO is important because most online experiences start with a search. The top-ranked site gets a lot of traffic. Regular SEO website maintenance can help you reach that top spot and stay there for success.

For small websites, maintenance may take 1-2 hours monthly. But bigger sites with more stuff could need up to 10 hours monthly. Tasks can be spread out over a month or two for easier handling.

They will also look after regular software updates, security audits, and performance optimization. They generally have fixed charges for website maintenance


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