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SEO Trends for 2024

With the New Year 2020 dawning upon us, new quests, new trends are in the offing for us. If you are a potential marketer then you would have noticed the changing SEO trends.

We at Awrange Digital Solutions not only keep up with the current SEO trends but also religiously follow them.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Pune we make sure we are at the top of any new digital marketing trends that are in way.

A major reason for rapid changes in SEO trends is that Google sets and changes advanced rules for website rankings at different intervals of time as well as refines its inscrutable search algorithms to deliver the most relevant and applicable results to users.

To keep up your site’s high rankings or to enhance a website from base to top positions, ensure that you are well-informed about the most recent SEO trends and strategies.

As an SEO agency in Baner, we keep up with the current SEO strategies so that our clients can benefit and stay at top of the game.

If your 2019 SEO has just kept you afloat do not worry and keep your poise. These new SEO trends are bound to lift your SEO game. So, pay attention and religiously follow these steps and up your SEO game this coming year.

  1. Featured snippets are the way to go

A featured snippet is what appears on the top of the page, known to hold the 0 position. This position is achievable with top- notch content i.e. you need to provide the right answers in the form of attractive content to the commonly asked questions on your website. Google has a way of reading understanding the quality of content and push you as a featured snippet. 54.68% click search from Google originate from Featured Snippets—proving that they drive more than half of search engine clicks. 

  1. Perform an SEO Audit

First things first, you need to know where you stand. It’s difficult to measure improvement in SEO rankings when you have no idea where you were starting to begin with!

An audit can tell you a lot about your SEO standings.

It can help you to understand:

  • If there are any issues that are causing your site to load slowly

It can also double check:

  • That your links are functioning correctly and sending users to the correct destination site
  • Your performance in search engine result pages (SERPs) for your chosen keywords
  • If your site content is optimized to ensure better conversions

Reach out to us at Awrange to get a free website analysis today. If you are looking for Digital Marketing Services in Baner or an SEO agency in Baner drop in at our office. 

  1. Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords sound complicated, but they don’t need to be! They are simply the words and phrases that customers (and potential customers) use to search for a service or product online.

By working these keywords into your SEO strategies and website content you make it easier for the search engines to find your site. They then deliver your business information to the searcher – hopefully on page one of the search results!

When choosing keywords for your SEO strategies, they should be chosen based on:

  • Relevance
  • Demand
  • Competition

It’s important to choose keywords that your potential customers will actually be searching for. You want to target words with lower competition. This way you’ll be able to attain a top-ranking position faster and more easily.

To achieve this, you should be sure to include a combination of local keywords, long tail keywords and short tail keywords.

Local keywords are used to help customers find you locally by choosing to target phrases such as “near me” or include your location(s) in your keyword strategy.

You needn’t worry about finding out keywords or wondering what keywords would do well for your website.  We are one of the few Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune equipped with an expert SEO team, who will make sure you get the keywords of your choosing.

  1. Backlinking

Backlinking is one of the most vital steps to take if you want google to take you and your content seriously. Backlinking with good quality content does good to your website. Engaging with influencer from your industry and backlinking with their website is also a good way to increase your brand worth and be on top of google.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, we have a strong connection with our fellow competitors and clients in and around the city which ahs given us an edge with the backlinking.

  1. Secure websites are favoured

User safety may not seem like it would have much to do with SEO, but when a user visits your website and it shows that it is not https protected or shows a notification of not secure, they’re very likely to leave quickly. As a result, high bounce rates could affect the position of that page in the organic search listing. It is important to enable the https protocol.

  1. Optimize for Voice search

Voice searches affect SEO in a big way since it’s all about asking the questions instead of typing it. However, the search engines have to do a lot more work to comprehend and understand voice commands than the traditional typing queries. This change is bound to happen given that 50% of users are more likely to use Voice search.

  1. Make it mobile friendly

A website that does not have a mobile version may lose most of its users in the coming years, as mobile web pages are a growing trend that will get even more popular in 2020. With the advanced technology it is also prime that the interface has to be easy to read, grab people’s attention and then have the ability to answer their questions or at least keep them entertained.

Your pages must be optimized for mobile devices if you want to keep up with your competitors. And keep in mind that the higher you are in the Google mobile page index, the more prominent your page will be.

  1. Its time incorporate the Video trend

Just as voice searches, video search has become the new rage. According to research most users prefer live videos rather than television. YouTube has become the new go to machine for video searches.

To reach more people with your videos you need to optimize it for search users. To do this, use appropriate keywords in the description and headline of your video which will guarantee that the video reaches the largest number of people who are interested in that subject.

  1. Faster click through rates and dwell time

As people become accustomed to lightning-fast internet connections and information at their fingertips, website and email click-through rates (CTR) and dwell time (aka the amount of time a person spends on a web page before bouncing out) will matter even more to the success of your SEO efforts.

The more time spent on a page generally indicates how satisfied a person is in finding what they are looking for. We expect search engines to place greater value on dwell time in 2020.

  1. High quality content and length of content

Content is King and it will always be. Creating high-quality content is a significant element of Effective SEO Strategies. Users want content that is relevant, helpful, and timely—and that is what Google tends to reward with higher search engine rankings. People head to search engines with questions, and your web page needs to deliver answers.

Informative and quality articles are going to get a lot of traction in the year 2020.

  1. Present a satisfactory digital experience

Your content may be good, but if your load time is slow then none of it matters. Users are not going to dwell on your website for more than a couple pf seconds, waiting for the page to load. It gives away a very inefficient vibe. Alongside your page speed, enhancing user experience is also equally important, making the navigation in your website user-friendly. Awrange prides itself in providing the Best Digital Services in Pune to all its clients.

  1. Artificial intelligence is the new age

How does artificial intelligence work?

Without delving into the cumbersome technical aspects, artificial intelligence has progressively learned the characteristics of what makes published articles valuable or not.

Then, AI ​​automatically classifies these web pages and determines their rankings- with very good precision. This is already a reality; companies like Google are applying these technologies right now.

It’s time to double-down on the SEO trends so you can generate more targeted traffic from Google. But if you still have questions and need help with SEO services, then reach out to us. We are a Digital Marketing Company in Pune providing all the digital services that you are looking for.

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