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Digital Marketing, a concept that evolved as a result of technological advancement, has always been enveloped by myths and rumours.

These misconceptions have often led to businesses shying away from digital media and so, many entrepreneurs are missing out on the vast opportunities that digital marketing brings with it. Awrange Digital Marketing Agency in Pune provides efficient digital marketing services as per the requirement of the clients and tries to debunk the popular myths associated with Digital Marketing

1. High Website Traffic is essential for a successful digital marketing strategy-

It’s a very popular misconception that high website traffic means that you have a perfect digital marketing strategy. Sure, a good number of visitors on your website open up your business to a larger number of potential customers, but it doesn’t mean that each of the visitors will be converted into your customer. So Digital Marketing is not about just increasing the website traffic but also about attracting the right kind of visitors.

2. A Website stuffed with content is a good website-

Just stuffing your website with senseless content is not the right way to build a high-ranking website. This practice often does more harm than good. The focus should be on quality rather than quantity. By creating and presenting high-quality, relevant content, you have a higher chance of attracting and retaining more website visitors.

3. SEO practices have become outdated-

Unlike the notion that SEO is a dead-end street due to the stricter Google norms, it is very much useful. Search Engines are the most popular places where users search for information they need about a brand, product or service. SEO plays a major role in helping your website rank higher in these search engine result pages which ultimately brings your business closer to your target audience.

4. Digital Marketing is only for non-traditional and modern fields-

Traditional businesses, technical fields, and industries which fall under the “serious” domain often are of the opinion that digital marketing is not for their business. In fact, they associate digital marketing only with upcoming and creative fields. This perception is completely untrue as today, every sector has its own set of customers and with more and more people searching online, chances are a lot of people would be looking for your products or services on the web.

5. Having your own website is enough-

Most businesses often confuse Digital Marketing with just having your own website. It is a misconception that to have a strong online presence, website is sufficient. Though a website creation is the first step towards making the presence of your brand felt in the online world, there are a lot more steps like regular posting, updating, and back-linking that you need to get done in order to have a fully functional digital marketing strategy.

6. Digital Marketing does not have a place in the company’s core

Most businesses are of the opinion that digital marketing is not high on the priority list of things needed to be done for the success of the company and hence, they do not consider it a crucial element of the company’s core strategy. In fact, Digital Marketing should be fully integrated with your company’s marketing and business strategy in order to continuously grow your customer base.

7. Digital Marketing is necessary only for start-ups-

Majority of established businesses with an existing large customer base consider Digital Marketing to be of no use to them. They feel with an already established set of loyal consumers, they do not need any form of Digital Marketing. In reality, Digital Marketing plays an important role in not just customer acquisition but also customer retention and hence, is important for both start-ups and established businesses alike.

8. If my competitors are not doing Digital Marketing, I don’t need to do it either-

Many business owners are of the mindset that if none of my competitors are employing digital marketing strategies to grow their business, then neither should I. This kind of a mindset is not the right one because, being the first one of your industry to have an online presence in fact gives you the advantage of acquiring potential customers who have already taken on the online route for finding products and services.

9. Digital Marketing is only about Social Media-

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing are separate things. Though you may call social media marketing a sub-sect of digital marketing, we cannot use the terms interchangeably. There are quite a lot of other elements involved in Digital Marketing in addition to social media.

We hope that these tips are useful to you. At Awrange, we use them all the time!
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