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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, making it a lucrative platform for marketers. With over 700 million users across the world it is a good way of networking with other professionals. If you want to reach more audiences for your business, then LinkedIn is a great platform.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the process of promoting your brand on LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, build trust, and expand your network. A good LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you grow organically on LinkedIn.

You can also hire LinkedIn management services to manage your LinkedIn business. A quick search of a social media marketing agency near me would give you many options in your search for LinkedIn management services.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing

With LinkedIn’s growing user base, it has become increasingly popular, especially amongst B2B marketers, with the platform’s ad revenue expected to hit $10.35 billion by 2027.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of LinkedIn marketing – 

Increased brand awareness – With 900+ million LinkedIn users for you to showcase your brand to, a good LinkedIn marketing strategy can bring much-needed visibility to your brand. The more people you reach out to, the more it increases brand awareness.

Networking opportunities – LinkedIn is a platform where professionals from all walks of life, such as business owners, CEOs, Directors, and VPs, share their knowledge and make connections, making it a great networking platform for professionals, providing incredible opportunities for your brand to thrive. 

Lead Generation – Generating leads is a crucial part of sales for any business and LinkedIn is a heaven for lead generation for B2B brands. Through carefully crafted LinkedIn marketing techniques, you can generate leads for your business.

How To Do LinkedIn Marketing?

If you are a B2B marketer and want to increase your presence on LinkedIn, then LinkedIn marketing is necessary.

A step-by-step guide to LinkedIn marketing:

Define your goals: What are your objectives with LinkedIn? Are you looking to build a network? Get more eyes on your business. Generate leads? Before you chalk out your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you need to know the goals you want to achieve.

Optimize your LinkedIn business page: Optimizing your LinkedIn business page will increase your chances of reaching a wider audience. It will boost your LinkedIn SEO and give more visibility to your brand.

You can also hire LinkedIn profile management services in India to lookover your LinkedIn profile management

Develop a content strategy:  A consistent upload schedule will ensure more visibility across the platform. You would need to understand what is the best time to post on LinkedIn? How many times should you post? Etc. To understand this and stick to a consistent upload cycle, you will need to create a content strategy. Your content strategy should include content pieces in align with your business objectives. A social media agency near me will help you develop a content strategy. 

Provide quality content: Your content is the main characteristic of your brand on LinkedIn. It will show your expertise and experience in the industry and establish you as an authority on the subject. Quality content will always stand out on the platform. 

Analyze and improve: Once you have started building a network on LinkedIn through sharing articles, posts, ads, etc., it is time to analyze your progress and see what is working and what needs improvement. Once you have locked down a LinkedIn marketing strategy, keep repeating and improving.  

How Much Does LinkedIn Marketing Cost?

The cost of your LinkedIn marketing campaign depends on which LinkedIn profile management services you hire or which social media marketing agency you are working with. It also depends on your goals, budget, type of campaign, etc.

Below is an average cost range for LinkedIn marketing in Pune –

Type of Website

Average Cost Range (per month)
Small Business₹8,000
Mid Size Business₹15,000
E-commerce Business₹25,000


LinkedIn marketing can be a very effective way of increasing your brand’s online visibility, generating leads for your business, and ultimately making sales.  With the increasing user base of LinkedIn you get more and more opportunities to reach a wider customer base.

Suppose you work with a social media marketing agency and hire their LinkedIn profile management services in India. In that case, this process can be further accelerated with good returns on your investment.

At Awrange we offer LinkedIn profile management services for our clients to grow their business. If you are looking to increase your reach, you can get in touch with us by booking a consultation.

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