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Gone are the days when long paragraphs and essays struck a chord with the audience. In the modern context, short and sweet is the next big thing when it comes to content. The attention span of people has reduced significantly due to the availability of so many content choices. So, it is essential to revamp your content marketing strategy and make it more interactive in order to engage the audience.

Confused? Creating interactive content is not as difficult as it sounds and a lot of digital marketing agencies in Pune like Awrange help you design an interactive content strategy that appeals to the audience.

To begin with, let us clarify the concept of interactive content. In simple terms, interactive content is any type of content that facilitates active participation from the users and makes the users involved in your brand. Here are the leading types of interactive content you should integrate in your marketing campaign in order to engage the users in a better way-

Quiz is the best example of how User-Generated Content can help you gain a loyal customer base. A well-constructed and an interesting quiz evokes instant responses and also boosts interaction between participants. If your quiz becomes a hit, then it will also play a big role in adding new followers to your brand.

The best way to gather valuable information and inputs from the users, surveys play an important role in your marketing campaign. This type of interactive content also offers deeper insights into the likes and dislikes of your customers, thus helping you to modify your marketing strategy.

Running regular polls on your website or social media platforms to increase audience engagement has become a popular type among different types of interactive content over the last few years. By displaying the results of the poll to the users, you make them feel a part of your campaign and attracts them to take part in your future polls.

Challenge is a type of content that is aimed at involving and engaging the audience in your brand. The most common example of how to use this genre of content to promote user engagement is that of fitness challenges. Many leading fitness and well-being brands have posted 30-day fitness challenges on Facebook that got them tremendous response and visibility from the audience. Posting a challenge for your audience is an interesting way of boosting interactivity.

At Awrange, we have been employing a mix of these strategies to help our clients achieve their business objectives.
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